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We have been building e-commerce websites for 15 years and are an approved Big Commerce Partner.

We offer: Big Commerce Theme Development and Big Commerce Theme-CustomisationBig Commerce Migration and Big Commerce Set Up

Big Commerce store set up

The reason Big Commerce has become so popular is that getting started is quick and straight forward. In many cases, you can get started without any help from a Big Commerce expert. There might be some aspects where you need help, like importing products, payment gateway set up, configuring postage options and a few other things.

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Migration from other stores

If you have an existing e-commerce site then you may want to automatically import some of the data to your new Big Commerce site. It could be customer records, products or orders. This type of migrations can be done from pretty much any other shopping cart and is a great way of reducing the time needed to get up running.

Designing your Big Commerce store. Tweaks to an existing Big Commerce template

The most cost-effective way to get started with Big Commerce is to use one of Big Commerce’s existing templates from their marketplace. Some are free and others paid for (usually around £100). These are all great designs and may be just what you need.

If you chose this route there are still plenty of style and layout changes that can be made so you don’t have to feel that you compromise your brand. Logo (obviously), colors, fonts, and layouts can be tweaked. Even functionality can be added or changed.

Some of the changes are easy to make by changing the theme settings, while other changes require some updates to the theme code.

Expert Big Commerce help.

Buy the service you need. Starting from as little as £75 for smaller task-based requests.

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